Vous êtes une organisation de la société civile

Vous êtes une organisation de la société civile

Africa Forward Consulting & Foundation

The foundation

To foster organizations growth, Africa Forward provides ressources including tools and funding.

With local and international donors support, the foundation will provide different types of funding.

Vision grants

370 - 1.500 $

Because a fair chance at improving our communities’ lives lays in courageous individual or group’s hands, Africa Forward provides “vision grants” to individuals or not yet officially registered organizations to start their legal existence. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Build-up grants

1.500 - 7500 $

Africa Forward aims to support organizations’ growth. The build-up grant’s goal is to expand and consolidate the programs of legally registered organizations.

This funding should supplement existing funds, and focus on gender mainstreaming in the organization itself or in its’ programs.


à partir de 7.500 $

his grant is designed to foster partnership and collaboration.

Organizations are encouraged to form consortia around a specific issue in their community and apply putting forward each other’s strength.

La Fondation

Africa Forward

Africa Forward Foundation creates and supports innovative private sector financing mechanisms for local entities.


A monthly networking event that aims to connect business people and leverage connections to interest them in funding local civil society.
Roundtable events for women private sector leaders to support local initiatives especially those targeting future female and male leaders, and addressing specific development issues.
Provide support to the private sector to implement a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy with a defined amount (%) of profits in favor of local initiatives and organizations.
The establishment of an innovation contribution over certain products or goods in order to exclusively finance local civil society organizations.


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