You are a civil society organization

Vous êtes une organisation de la société civile

Africa Forward Consulting & Foundation



Strategic Investments :

Corporate Citizens and civil society

Allow companies and individuals from the private sector to systematically show their contribution to sustainable development actions.

Assist in the strategic development of local organizations, associations, cooperatives and other groups through structuring, in order to facilitate their access to domestic and international funding.



To stimulate the growth of organizations, AFRICA FORWARD provides resources, including tools and funding. With the support of local and international donors, the foundation will provide different types of funding.


Corporate Citizens Initiative

A mechanism for the African private sector to visibly participate in the social


Resilient civil society initiative

This initiative aims to write a new narrative about African-led civil society organizations …


  • Technical and financial support to the Collective of Activists of CI in the framework of the campaign of the 16 days of activism 2021, the international day of fight against Female Genital Mutilation.
  • Implementation of a gender project with SIFCA and the SIFCA Foundation, BNI, Leadway Assurance and CARE international.
  • Financing of the public speaking contest of the NGO AUDACE
  • Technical support to the NGO Sauvons 2 vies for a financing
  • Technical accompaniment of the NGO Akwaba Mousso


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